Experimental Technique (by Laboratories)

-Genome Evolution • Kurokawa Group
Fast and accurate taxonomic assignment tool of metagenomic dataVITCOMIC2
Latent environment allocation of microbial community dataLAE
-Genome Informatics • Nakamura Group
‘one-click’ identification of causative on webMudi
Prokaryotic genome annotation pipeline for data submission to DDBJDFAST
-Brain Function Laboratory • Hirata Group
Neuronal birthdate tagging method
-Molecular and Developmental Biology • Kawakami Group
Seeing the visual world in the brain in real time
Simple and efficient multiple sgRNA expression system in zebrafish
-Mouse Genomics Resource • Koide Group
Development of a freeware that enables automatic characterization of social behavior in mice
-Microbial Physiology • Niki Group
High efficient cloning technology using iVEC method
-Plant Cytogenetics Laboratory • Nonomura Group
Visualization of autophagy
3D analysis of complex structures in living things (Research paper)(You can see the 3D images of several organisms.)
-Mammalian Development • Saga Group
Simple non-arbitrary method to quantify fluorescent images
Genetics without making mouse lines
-Model Fish Genetics • Sakai Group
Differentiation of zebrafish spermatogonial stem cells to functional sperm in culture.
-Mammalian Genetics • Takada Group
User-friendly NIG mouse genome databaseNIG_MoG
Release of an upgraded NIG-Mouse Genome Database, “NIG_MoG2”, to the publicNIG_MoG2
-DNA Data Analysis • Ikeo Group
One-stop platform for NGS data analysisMaser
-Human Genetics • Inoue Group
Systematic identification of regulatory elements derived from human endogenous retrovirusesdbHERV-REs
-Molecular Cell Engineering • Kanemaki Group
Simple method for generation of yeast conditional mutants by use of the AID technology
New toolkit for tagging and a degradation inhibitor for the AID system
-Genome Dynamics • Maeshima Group
Development of a New Method for Synthesis of Tandem Hairpin Pyrrole (Cultured cell) (Tissue section)

Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS)
CRISPRdirect — Rational design of CRISPR/Cas target*
Reference expression dataset -40 organs dataset, 4 different methods, with BodyParts 3D*
*These tools are developed jointly with the National Bioscience Database Center (NBDC) of JST.

NIG Collaboration Grants

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