Various Aids to Students

The Department of Genetics offers as much support as possible for students to achieve their goal of “growing up to be a mature researcher.”

Research Assistant (RA)

The Department of Genetics has a system to employ graduate students as Research Assistants (RA) at NIG. Students receive 550,000 yen/year at the first and second year of 5-year program and 600,000 yen/year at the third year and above (excluding JSPS fellowship holders, IGP, Government-sponsored foreign students).

JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

“Research Fellowship for Young Scientists” is a program provided by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) to offer outstanding students an opportunity to concentrate on their research. If your application is accepted, you will receive the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows) as well as monthly stipend.

  Recent NIG Data for JSPS fellowships
  Research Fellowships for Young Scientists:

Tuition Exemption

Students, who have financial difficulties and an outstanding academic record, may be exempted from their registration and tuition fees (half or whole amount). They need to apply for the exemption and pass screening.

  Tuition Exemption:

  Please contact General Affairs/Education Team, Department of Genetics:

NIG Dormitory

The NIG dormitories are available for students.

  See here for more detail

Travel Support for International Meetings and Courses

NIG offers a travel support for student to attend international meetings. Sokendai offers programs to support students who perform collaborative study or an internship abroad longer than 2 weeks.

  International Travel Support (NIG):

   ・conference reports from past recipients

  Sokendai: The Short-Stay Study Abroad Program

Morishima Award

The Morishima Award is given to students who receive a doctoral degree with outstanding performance in the Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI. The students will be granted a certificate and an incentive in order to reward them for their outstanding research and to encourage further achievement.

   ・Past Award Winners


  Nagakura Research Incentive Award and The SOKENDAI Research Award
  SOKENDAI Scientist Award / SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award

Support for Career Development

The Department of Genetics and NIG support graduate students and postdocs to develop their individual career.

  See here for more detail: Support for Career Development

Mental Health Care

Prevention of Harassment

Student Activity

NIG Cafeteria

Support for International Researchers at NIG