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The National Institute of Genetics was established in 1949, and since has produced many outstanding scientific achievements including the neutral theory of molecular evolution by Dr. Motoo Kimura. In 1984, we undertook a leading role in promoting research in whole academic communities as an Inter-University Research Institute for joint use by universities. In 1988, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) was established and we started to provide graduate education as the Department of Genetic. With the incorporation in 2004 of the Inter-University Research Institute, we reorganized as Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS) together with three other institutes, the National Institute of Informatics, the Institute for Statistical Mathematics and the National Institute of Polar Research for the purpose of addressing a challenge in the future and a leading edge research in life science at an international level, from the perspective of information and systems.
As a core research institute of life science, we are also involved in projects for the development of intellectual infrastructure such as bio resource and database.
We would like to ask for your support for the improvement and development of our research and education by making a donation.

HANAOKA, Fumio Director-General

1. Two Types of Donation

General Donation: Your donation will be used for all activities at our institute.

Designated Donation: You can specify a particular researcher or a project, or use of the donation.

Our activities Organization Chart  Yoran (NIG Booklet) 
 Bioinformation and DDBJ Center  Advanced Genomics Center  Genetic Resource Center

2. Suggested Amount of Donation

Individual: 1,000 yen

Company/Organization: 10,000 yen

3. How to Make a Donation

Please download and complete the following form and send it by postal mail or E-mail (PDF file) to the address below. A “Bank Transfer Request” will be sent to you after completion of all the donation acceptance procedures.

If you don’t receive a Bank Transfer Request or any response in 2 weeks, please contact Research Promotion Team.

DownloadGeneral Donation
(word file)
Designated Donation
(word file)
Inquiry regarding Procedures

Research Promotion Team
1111 Yata, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka, 411-8540
☎055-981-6712 (Direct Line)

4. Rewards

  • NIG original gifts will be offered to every donor.
  • An individual or a corporate who made more than 100 suggested amount donations will receive a letter of appreciation and their nameplates will be displayed on the wall of the entrance hall of our main building

5. Favorable Tax Treatment

  • Individual Donations:
    • 1. When individual make donations, the total amount of annual donations or 40% of total annual income, whichever is lower, minus 2,000 yen, is the amount of total tax credit for income tax filing.
    • 2. Donations specified in your local government are subject to individual inhabitant tax deduction. Please contact your local government for details.
  • Corporate Donations:

6. Receipt

A receipt will be issued after receiving a donation. Please keep it safe as it is necessary to receive tax deductions mentioned above.
Please note that it will take a while to confirm your payment and issue a receipt.

7. Restriction for Accepting Donations

We cannot accept a donation if:

  • its acceptance would be contrary to public order or morality, or extremely disadvantageous or excessive burdens on our institute.
  • it includes a condition that research results such as intellectual property should be used or transferred to the donor.

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