User-friendly NIG mouse genome database

NIG_MoG (The National Institute of Genetics Mouse Genome database)

Mammalian Genetics Laboratory / Shiroishi Group

The National Institute of Genetics Mouse Genome database (NIG_MoG; primarily comprises the whole genome sequence data of two inbred mouse strains, MSM/Ms and JF1/Ms. These strains were established at NIG and originated from the Japanese subspecies Mus musculus molossinus. A comparative analysis of their genomes with C57BL/6J (B6: whose genome is predominantly derived from the West European subspecies M. m. domesticus), revealed a vast number of SNPs, structural variants, insertions and deletions (indels). NIG_MoG provides, especially for wet-lab biologists, visualized genome polymorphism information, browsing single-nucleotide polymorphisms and short insertions and deletions in the genomes of MSM/Ms and JF1/Ms allowing users to intuitively recognize intersubspecific genome divergence in these mouse strains using visual data. The database also supports the in silico screening of BAC clones that contain genomic DNA from MSM/Ms and the standard classical laboratory strain C57BL/6N established at RIKEN BioResorce center. NIG_MoG is thus a valuable navigator for exploring mouse genome polymorphisms and BAC clones that are useful for studies of gene function and regulation based on intersubspecific genome divergence.

Takada T, Yoshiki A, Obata Y, Yamazaki Y, Shiroishi T “NIG_MoG: a mouse genome navigator for exploring intersubspecific genetic polymorphisms.” Mamm Genome 2015 Published in Advance, DOI: 10.1007/s00335-015-9569-8.


Fig. A screenshot of the top page of NIG_MoG

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