Academic Exchange Agreements

 NIG is actively working on a variety of cooperation with other universities and institutions through academic exchange agreements in order to promote research collaborations and education.

InstituteMonth/Year of AgreementCountry
Shizuoka UniversityMar 2014Japan
Tokyo University of AgricultureAug 2016Japan
University of MelbourneJul 2015Australia
University of the Philippines DilimanOct 2015Philippines
College of Life Science, National Taiwan UniversityMay 2018Taiwan
National Center for Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyJun 2018Thailand
Universiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaJun 2018Malaysia
Brain Research Institute Monash Sunway, Monash UniversityJun 2018Malaysia
College of Pharmacy, Kyungpook National UniversityJun 2018Korea
Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences,
University of Bologna
Feb 2019Italy
University of GhanaJun 2019Ghana