A protocol for making human degron mutants using the AID2 system

Targeted Protein Depletion Using the Auxin-Inducible Degron 2 (AID2) System

Yuichiro Saito, Masato T. Kanemaki

Current Protocols 1, e219 (2021) DOI:10.1002/cpz1.219

We published an improved auxin-inducible degron system, namely AID2, last year (Research Highlights). For researchers who wish to establish a human degron cell line, we wrote a protocol paper describing detailed methodologies. We show our protocol for tagging an endogenous gene using CRISPR-Cas9 for establishing a cell line that expresses a degron-fused protein.


Figure: (A) A schematic illustration showing the AID2 system. (B) A strategy for tagging the N-terminus of a protein of interest. (C) A strategy for tagging the C-terminus of a protein of interest.

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