Admission Policy

Program Objectives of the Department of Genetics

The program is designed to nurture independent, creative scientists able to conduct research activity around the globe. The primary objective is to educate students with rich background knowledge and to train them with highly advanced research skills.

Education Philosophy

As a pioneering research institution with scientists from all over the world, NIG’s research based education is characterized by the frontier research enabled by its outstanding faculty, state of the art facilities, and numerous genetic resources. The department of Genetics also provides programs such as English education and presentation training, aiding students to develop skills needed for pursuing research careers.

Every single student gets the attention of the entire faculty; a thesis committee consisting of faculty from various disciplines is set up for each student.

We look for students that:

  • have a strong interest and desire to pursue research in Life Sciences.
  • have the potential to become independent researchers and strive to do so through the academic experience at NIG.

Policy for Applicant Selection:

1) Knowledge is important, but we also emphasize

  • High motivation
  • Creativity
  • Logical thinking
In addition, English ability for scientific research is evaluated.

2) In order to measure the potential of each prospective student as a researcher,interviews and written tests are evaluated by the entire faculty.

3) Admissions process is designed to allow opportunities to various people, including international students, transfer students and students entering from the working force.