Prevention of Harassment

Harassment - Violation of human rights

Harassment is to practically and mentally inflict prejudice or damage or to impair the working environment by inappropriate behavior for the recipient. It may occur if one person has higher status, position, or power than the other in relationships between teacher and student, boss and subordinate, and man and woman (or same sex).

If being victimized by harassment

Have the courage to say “No”.
Clearly show your feeling of discomfort in words and attitudes to the harasser even if he/she is your boss or superior.
Do not blame yourself or restrain yourself.
You don’t have to feel “I am wrong” or “It can’t be helped because I didn’t say no.”
Record the situation.
Make a note of the situation (by whom, when, where, how, with whom, etc.)
Consult with someone you can trust.
Do not struggle alone but consult with your colleagues or friends.

To prevent harassmen

Recognize that the way of thinking and feeling varies from individual to individual.
(Be sensitive to what individuals feel unpleasant.)
It is wrong to regard gender gap as dominance gap.
Be sensitive to relationships and situations around you.
Be aware that offensive behaviors cannot be justified as an expression of inoffensive greetings or behaviors.
If you are not sure whether your behavior is harassment or not, imagine how you would feel if one of your family members is victimized by harassment.
It is sometimes difficult to say no to a superior who has high social status or power. Even if a person doesn’t make his/her intention clear, do not take that as an agreement.
Do not regard a person who raises the issue of harassment as a troublemaker or treat the issue as a personal matter.

If witnessing harassment

Warn the harasser immediately.
Provide consultation for the victim and be his/her emotional support.
Encourage the victim to consult with a counselor and witness the harassment as necessary.
Recognizing the trust of victim, refrain from talking about the harassment to other people.

If still having trouble…

Consult with counselors in NIG.
Counselors will confirm the fact and take specific actions.
Counselors maintain the confidentiality of information obtained, respecting the privacy, privilege, and human rights of the consulter.
(Prepare a memo of the date and content of the harassment for counseling.)


Rules Regarding the Prevention, Etc. of Harassment National Institute of Genetics Research Organization of Information and Systems



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