Saitou Group • Population Genetics Laboratory

Genome evolution of organisms with special reference to human


Research Summary

We study genome evolution of organisms mainly through computer analyses. We are particularly interested in evolution of modern humans and primate and mammalian evolution toward human. Research interests are (1) genome data analysis of modern humans with special reference to those in Japanese Archipelago including ancient DNA, (2) lineagespecific evolutionary changes at different levels of organism groups such as Hominidae, primates, mammals, and vertebrates, (3) development of methods useful for evolutionary genomic studies.

Patterns of gene introgression from Denisowan to modern humans. From Jinam et al. (2017).

Selected Publications

Jinam, T. A., Phipps, M. E., Aghakhanian, F., Majumder, P. P., Datar, F., Stoneking, M., Sawai, H., Nishida, N., Tokunaga, K., Kawamura, S., Omoto, K., and Saitou, N. (2017). Discerning the origins of the Negritos, First Sundaland People: deep divergence and archaic admixture. Genome Biol Evol 9, 2013–2022.

Saber, M. M., and Saitou, N. (2017). Silencing effect of Hominoid highly conserved noncoding sequences on embryonic brain development. Genome Biol Evol 9, 2122–2133.

Saitou, N. and Jinam, T. A. (2017). Language diversity of the Japanese Archipelago and its relationship with human DNA diversity. Man in India 95, 205-228.

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