Host laboratories

NIGINTERN 2022, host laboratories are listed below.

Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Biophysics and Structual Biology Biophysics and Structual Biology Cell Biology Cell Biology
Developmental Biology Developmental Biology Evolutionary and Quantitative Biology Evolutionary and Quantitative Biology Genome Biology Genome Biology
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Neurobiology Neurobiology Plant Biology Plant Biology

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Molecular Cell Engineering Laboratory KANEMAKI, Masato Cell BiologyMolecular Biology and Biochemistry
A new genetics of human cells for the study of DNA replication
Symbiosis and Cell Evolution Laboratory MIYAGISHIMA, Shin-ya Cell BiologyEvolutionary and Quantitative BiologyPlant Biology
Evolutionary integration of two independent organisms by endosymbioses
Laboratory of Mammalian Neural Circuits IWASATO, Takuji Developmental BiologyMolecular Biology and BiochemistryNeurobiology
Neuronal circuit development and function in the mouse brain
Evolutionary Genetics Laboratory AKASHI, Hiroshi BioinformaticsEvolutionary and Quantitative BiologyGenome Biology
Population genetics and genome evolution
Ecological Genetics Laboratory KITANO, Jun Evolutionary and Quantitative BiologyGenome Biology
Genetics of adaptive radiation
Cell Dynamics and Signaling Laboratory ODA, Yoshihisa Cell BiologyMolecular Biology and BiochemistryPlant Biology
Molecular basis of plant cell morphogenesis
Physics and Cell Biology Laboratory SHIMAMOTO, Yuta Biophysics and Structual BiologyCell Biology
Cellular mechanochemistry regulating eukaryotic chromosome dynamics
Chromosome Biochemistry Laboratory MURAYAMA, Yasuto Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Revealing molecular function of SMC complexes in chromosome structural control
Plant Genetics Laboratory SATO, Yutaka Developmental BiologyGenome Biology Molecular Biology and BiochemistryPlant Biology
Molecular genetics of plant embryogenesis
Invertebrate Genetics Laboratory SAITO, Kuniaki Developmental BiologyGenome BiologyMolecular Biology and Biochemistry
The mechanisms of transposon regulation in Drosophila
Cell Architecture Laboratory KIMURA, Akatsuki Cell Biology
Understanding cell architecture through quantitative microscopy and structural calculations
DNA Data Analysis Laboratory IKEO, Kazuho BioinformaticsEvolutionary and Quantitative BiologyGenome Biology
Study for molecular evolution using genome sequence and gene expression
Genome Informatics Laboratory NAKAMURA, Yasukazu BioinformaticsGenome Biology
Advancement of large-scale genome sequences and promotion of DDBJ
Plant Cytogenetics Laboratory NONOMURA, Ken-ichi Cell BiologyDevelopmental BiologyMolecular Biology and BiochemistryPlant Biology
Molecular cytogenetics of plant germ-cell development
Systems Neuroscience Laboratory KUBO, Fumi Neurobiology
Neural circuit mechanisms for visual processing and behavior in zebrafish
Multiscale Sensory Structure Laboratory YONEHARA, Keisuke Developmental BiologyNeurobiologyEvolutionary and Quantitative Biology
Multiscale understanding of the structural principles of mammalian sensory system
Molecular Life History Laboratory KURAKU, Shigehiro BioinformaticsEvolutionary and Quantitative BiologyGenome Biology
Decoding evolution by understanding the mechanism of genomic readout