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Study for molecular evolution using genome sequence and gene expression


Research Summary

We have studied the evolutionary process for acquisition of novel phenotypic characters by comparative genomics and molecular evolutionary approaches, using various materials such as an animals or bacteria. Particularly, we have recently focused more on (1) Biodiversity and dynamics of marine microbes based on metagenomic analysis, (2) Evolutionary dynamics of gene expression profiles underling the evolution of central nervous system and sensory organs, (3) Molecular mechanism of endosymbiosis between hydra and algae and its evolutionary significance, (4) Study of disease causal gene and gene model of disease, (5) Knowledge finding and system development for big data in life science.

Expression of eye patterning genes, paxB and six1/2 in two species of jellyfishes. While pax6 is well known as a master control gene for eye formation, six1/2 is also expressed in the area adjacent to ocellus and possibly takes a major role in the eye formation of these jellyfishes.


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