Options for Admission

Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI University offers two enrollment options (General Admission and International Graduate Program) for international students who are seeking to obtain a Ph. D. degree.

(1) General Admission

General Admission is for both 5-year and 3-year Ph.D. programs. Students propose thesis advisor(s) upon application and, ordinarily, directly enter a lab upon matriculation. Exam and interviews are administered at SOKENDAI Department of Genetics in either in Japanese or English. Partial financial support is provided to cover tuition. The examinations for those entering in October are held in summer (late-July or early-August, application deadline: early July) of the same year. Those entering in April have two opportunities to take the exam: summer of the previous year or winter (early-February, application deadline: mid-December) of the same year.

If you are eligible and wish to receive Japanese government scholarship, the application process is different. See next section.

Japanese government scholarship (MEXT scholarship)

New foreign students are eligible to receive Japanese government scholarship (MEXT scholarship). MEXT scholarship students are selected in 2 pathways using the General Admission System. See also “International Graduate Program” described in the next section for the other admission option with a financial support.

(a) Embassy recommendation process for MEXT scholarship

This is for both 5-year and 3-year Ph.D. programs. Scholarship recipients are recruited and initially screened by a Japanese embassy (or consulate general, depending on the country). Because the application process differs according to the country in which the Japanese embassy is located, please inquire at the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country for details. The students who passed the initial screen first enroll in a non-degree program of SOKENDAI Department of Genetics, and then apply to our graduate program through the General Admissions System.

(b) Early Admission process for MEXT scholarship

This type of scholarship is only for the 5-year Ph.D. program. This Early Admission Process is only for those who consider SOKENDAI Department of Genetics as their top choice for graduate studies. The applicants should be available to visit the Department from Jan 27 – Feb 4, 2017, and should be able to make an accept/decline decision on a potential offer by Feb 28, 2017. A selected group of applicants will be invited to Department of Genetics located at Mishima, Japan, to learn about our program and to take the admission exam of the General Admission System (Feb 1 – Feb 3, 2017). The travel for the visit will be supported. Successful candidates will be offered MEXT scholarships for October 2017 enrollment, and will be asked to decide by the end of February.

The applicants who apply to “Early Admission Process” cannot apply for “International Graduate Program”, explained in the next section. Please see here for a comparison between the EA-MEXT and IGP paths.

(2) International Graduate Program

The International Graduate Program is a 5-year Ph.D. program for applicants residing abroad. Students generally enter a “rotation” system (up 6 months) where they can experience in-depth, independent research in several laboratories of their choice, before choosing their thesis advisor. Funding through government and/or institute fellowships are at, or above, MEXT funding levels. The screening procedure is administered via internet, and applicants need not to come to Japan for the application. However, selected applicants will be provided travel support to visit NIG in February. Successful candidates will be offered financial supports for October 2017 enrollment, and will be asked to decide by mid-April.

Important Notice

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