NIG Global Scholar (NIG-GS) Selection


The NIG-GS system allows applicants for our 5-year PhD program to be considered for full financial support. Please note that acceptance to the graduate program and offers of financial support are distinct. A limited number of NIG-GS applicants who pass the tertiary screening and satisfy certain conditions will be offered a monthly stipend (approx. 140,000 JPY), tuition support, and airfare to and from Japan at the beginning and upon completion of the program as long as he/she remains a student in good standing. The monthly stipend will be provided by a Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship, by research assistantships, or by a combination of research assistantships and other potential scholarships. Other candidates who passed the tertiary screening will be offered partial financial support equivalent to students enrolled through General Admission. Please see Financial support for details.

You should apply to NIG-GS only if the Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI is your first-choice for graduate studies, and if you will be available to visit NIG from January 24 – February 1, 2020 to learn about our program. (Travel expenses for this visit will be supported.) Please see Application Instructions for details.

Financial Support
Application Instructions

Selection Schedule

We will invite selected candidates to visit the Department of Genetics/NIG (Mishima, Japan) from January 24 to February 1, 2020. The invitees will take the on-site exam on January 29 and 30. Preliminary admission and scholarship announcements will be notified via e-mail by February 17.
Applicants who have received an offer must tell us the acceptance regarding enrollment by the designated date of February.


First of all, you need to choose your prospective mentor(s). You should be in touch with your prospective mentor(s) and discuss your future studies at the Department of Genetics/NIG.
Subsequently, send the application documents including your CV (use the prescribed form) and an essay describing why and what you want to study in the Department of Genetics. You also need to send your latest academic transcripts (with GPA) issued by the college or university you attend/attended, and tell us its grading scale/system (including GPA calculation method) and a score report of English proficiency test. The documents should reach the Department of Genetics ( by November 5 (Tue) 2019 noon (Japan Standard Time). If you pass the primary screening, you will be asked to take a written exam via email. The deadline to return the answer sheet is November 14 (noon JST). The applicants to be invited to take the on-site exam will be announced by November 29. The invited candidates will be asked to prepare other application documents for the on-site exam. Scanned application documents should reach the Department of Genetics via e-mail ( by January 6, 2020, and the original, printed documents should be submitted to the Education Team before taking the on-site exam at NIG.

On-site Examination, Admission Decision, and Past Exams

The on-site exam will be conducted simultaneously with the winter examination of “General Admission”. You can refer to “Entrance Examination”, “Admission Decision” and “Past Exams” described in the “General Admission” webpage.

Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rates strongly depend on the applicant pools. In the previous NIG-GS selection, 3 candidates were invited and accepted among 17 applicants. The MEXT scholarship was awarded for the best one candidate. In the selection two years ago, 6 were accepted among 24 applicants and the MEXT scholarship was awarded for the best 2 candidates.

Other information on Post-enrollment

Students are eligible for supplemental funding for research activities. Such funds are allocated and announced on a year-by-year basis. All international graduate students are provided with free Japanese lessons (usually two hours/month). English is the working language for education and research at the Department of Genetics/NIG but some knowledge of basic Japanese can be useful in daily life.

The NIG administration office has staff who are fluent in English. We also have an English Help Desk that can help with visa and medical issues, and assist in other aspects of the initial settling in period. International graduate students receive assistance in finding housing.

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