Life Science Progress IIB

updated date : 21, September 2017

Course title:

Life Science Progress IIB



2 Credits


Course description:

D2 progress report submission, Open oral presentation, Closed progress committee meeting

Students prepare a D2 progress report that explains their research results after enrollment in the course and submit it together with other required documents. They give an open oral presentation about their research and then take and answer questions raised by the audience including the progress committee members. After the presentation, the students have a closed meeting with four progress committee members and discuss in depth the contents of the D2 progress report and the presentation. Based on their achievement and performance, the students will qualify for their master’s degree and advancement to D3.


Course content:

The details will be sent to registered students by e-mail.

1. Documents to submit
a) D2 progress report: research achievements described in about 10 pages in English or Japanese. Follow the instructions given in the following URL.
b) Activity report: Enter the information regarding past research activities including publications and conference attendance via the following URL.
c) Research Plan: Download the form from the following URL and fill in the future perspectives and plans.
d) An application document for Master’s Degree Qualification
e) The Summary of the Master’s Thesis/Specific Research Project
f) An abstract for the open research presentation

2. Open research presentation
Students give an open oral presentation in English or Japanese about the contents of their D2 progress report for about 30 minutes. They take questions and comments from the audience and respond to them appropriately.

3. Closed progress committee meeting
Following the open research presentation, students have a closed meeting with four progress committee members. They further exchange questions and answers and discuss more details of the research presentation, D2 progress report and other submitted documents.


Expected learning outcome and objectives:

1. To obtain deep knowledge in the field of life sciences and potential to become an independent researcher
2. To conduct the student’s own research in genetics or a related field and to report a new result


Grading policy and criteria:

The progress committee evaluates the student’s research achievement and capability based on the submitted documents, the presentation and the progress committee meeting. English skills and knowledge are evaluated from the submitted documents and presentation.

The evaluation follows the criteria for the master’s degree and advancement to D3 at the Department of Genetics.
Both of the criteria require “knowledge in the field of life sciences” and “a new result in genetics or a related field”. In addition, a higher research potential is required for the advancement to the D3 course.

Grades (A, B, C, D) will be based on the decision described above. The student who is judged ineligible for advancement to D3 will be given a grade of “D” irrespective of the result of the master’s degree qualification. In such a case, to advance to the D3 course, the student must retake Life Science Progress IIB.



1. D2 progress report and the other required documents must be submitted by the end of November for students enrolled in April and by the end of May for those enrolled in October.

2. The open research presentation and the progress committee meeting are normally held in December-January for students enrolled in April and in June-July for those enrolled in October. The specific date and time are determined by discussion between the student and his/her progress committee members.


Related course, pre-requisites:

All D2 students should take this course.

Before taking this course, students must have completed Progress IA and IB. By the end of this course, students need to obtain 30 credits that are required for the master’s degree qualification.

Students who wish to quit SOKENDAI and receive a master’s degree should make such a request to the General Affairs/Education team.


Responsible Faculty:

Progress committee chair

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