Support for International Researchers
- NIG Internationalization Promotion Committee


NIG is committed to supporting researchers and students from abroad so that they can thrive at our institute and in Mishima.

International members can receive assistance from the NIG Internationalization Promotion Committee with their initial move to Japan and throughout their stay at NIG/SOKENDAI.

Please contact the English Help Desk with any inquiries:

The support offered by the English Help Desk includes assistance with visa issues, finding accommodations in the Mishima area, setting up bank accounts/utilities, finding medical and child-care as well as assistance with communications within and outside of our institute. (See "Activities" page)

Other Contact Information

If you would like to receive information concerning studying or working at SOKENDAI / NIG, please contact our team below. English information is available.

Prospective SOKENDAI students Academic Services Division
Hosting international researchers and collaborative research Research Promotion Team
General enquiry General Affairs and Project Team