Life Science Reading Seminar I (A, B)-V (A, B)

updated date : 21, September 2017


Course title Credit and Type:

Life Science Reading Seminar I(A, B)-V(A, B) One semester, 2 Credits


Course description:

Recent papers in life science are introduced, explained, and discussed in journal and textbook reading clubs.


Expected learning outcome and objectives:

(1) To understand the contents of scientific papers or textbooks
(2) To evaluate the validity of each author’s claim based on the evidence presented in the paper and/or knowledge already acknowledged in the research field
(3) To develop the abilities to both evaluate the logic and validity of others’ arguments and to present one’s own opinion in a logical manner by engaging in critical discussion with other participants regarding the contents and logic represented in each reading


Grading policy and criteria:

The faculty member in charge of each journal club evaluates student’s goal achievement based on his/her participation, performance in presentation, engagement in discussion and the discussion contents, and assigns a grade of A, B, C, or D.


Schedule, Classroom:

See the information in Journal Clubs/Textbook Reading Clubs.



English or Japanese


Related courses, pre-requisites:

Contact the “contact person” found in Journal Clubs/Textbook Reading Clubs.

Even if you join in multiple journal and textbook reading clubs, you can only receive credits from one club.


Textbooks and required readings:

Ask the contact person for each journal or textbook reading club for details.



In principle, Life Science Reading Seminar I (A, B)-V (A, B) should be taken sequentially from years D1 through D5.

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