Life Science Progress IVB

updated date : 30, March 2017

Course title:

Life Science Progress IVB


2 Credits

Course description:

Poster Presentation

Students present their research through a poster presentation to a broad audience including faculty, students and other in-house researchers. Students prepare posters that represent their ongoing research and future direction. Using posters, they explain their projects to the audience and receive feedback from them. Before the poster session, each student gives a short oral English presentation to showcase and promote his/her research to the entire audience. After the poster presentation, each student submits a report about questions asked by the audience and answers to the questions; this report will be circulated to all faculty members.

Course contents:

See poster instructions for details

1. Abstract Submission
An abstract for the presentation should be prepared in English (200-300 words) and submitted a week ahead of the presentation.
2. Oral Presentation
Each student gives a three-minute oral presentation in English to the entire audience before the poster session. Up to five PPT slides can be used as a presentation aid. The aim is to promote their research and to attract audience members to their posters.
3. Poster Presentation
Students make posters that showcase their ongoing research projects and future direction. The students should explain the posters clearly and briefly (within 7 mins) in English leaving sufficient time for discussion with the audience.
Discussion should be made in English as much as possible.
4. Report Assignment
The students are required to submit a report assignment that lists the names of the people who asked questions and the contents of both the questions and the students’ answers within a week after the poster presentation.

Expected learning outcome and objectives:

1. To develop the basic skills required for research activities such as writing an abstract, making a poster, and performing poster and oral presentations through real experience.
2. To enhance logical thinking and discussion skills through exchanging questions and answers with various audience members. The report assignment will help the students develop their ability to respond appropriately to questions and to gain a better understanding of their own research.
3. To advance the student’s own research project by incorporating various suggestions and feedback from the audience.

Grading policy and criteria:

Based on performances in the research project, poster and oral presentations and report assignment, goal achievement is comprehensively evaluated with one of four grades (A, B, C, D).


The poster presentation is normally held on the first Thursday in March for students enrolled in April and on the first Thursday in September for those enrolled in October.

Related course, pre-requisites:

All D4 students must take this course.

Responsible Faculty:

Progress committee chair

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