Poster Instructions

updated date : 2, November 2016

Abstract Style:

An abstract should be prepared in a word file with the following style
School year: DX
Poster Title: in bold
Abstract(200-300 words in English), Use 10-pt Times font.

Instructions for Oral Presentation:

Three-minute oral presentations will be conducted before the poster session. There is no break time between the presentations. Try to complete your speech within two and a half minutes. The presentations should be given in English.

Present “introduction and background” of your research effectively so that the audience will be attracted to your poster. Don’t talk in too much detail about your research and results in the oral presentation. A very brief summary of the results may be enough.

Prepare a presentation file containing a maximum of five PPT slides in English, and transfer the file with your name to the Windows or Mac computer on the presentation desk prior to the presentation session.

Instructions for Poster Presentation:

Poster size: 910 mm x 1150mm

To maximize the number of people who visit each poster, we encourage the audience to rotate posters every 20 minutes during the poster session. Practice ahead of time explaining your poster in English within 7 minutes and leave enough time for ample Q & A. Please also try to discuss in English.

Instructions for Report Assignment:

Students are required to submit a report after the poster presentation. The report should indicate the names of people who asked questions about your research, their questions and your answers. The answers do not necessarily have to be the answers that you gave to the questioners at the poster presentation but can be the correct answers that you think of afterward. English is preferable but Japanese reports will be accepted.

The recommended format:

The presenter’s name and year
The title of the poster
Name(s) of the progress committee member(s)
Question 1: Questioner’s name, details of the question, answer, and discussion …
Question 2: Questioner’s name, details of the question, answer, and discussion …
Question N: Questioner’s name, details of the question, answer, and discussion …

The report will be circulated to all faculty members, and you may get feedback from them.

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