Life Science Progress IVA

updated date : 21, September 2017

Course title:

Life Science Progress IVA


2 Credits

Course description:

D4 progress report submission, Closed progress committee meeting

Students prepare a D4 progress report written in English and submit it together with an activity report. After the submission, the students have a closed meeting with four progress committee members and explain the progress of their research and future plans. The progress committee gives questions and comments about the student’s research and also comments on writing aspects of the D4 progress report. After the meeting, the students will receive a detailed report involving suggestions and feedback about their performance and research perspectives.

Course content:

1. Documents to submit
a) D4 progress report: an English report of 1000-3000 words containing research aim, progress, and future directions organized in a scientific paper style. Because this is a practice for drafting and editing, students should ask their colleagues to comment on their draft and revise it according to the comments before completing it as a D4 progress report. The students can also ask their supervisors for comments but should not let them rewrite the report. Follow the instructions given in the following URL.
b) Activity report: Enter the information regarding past research activities including publication and conference attendance via the following URL.

2. Closed progress committee meeting
Each student has a closed meeting with four progress committee members. Using presentation materials, the student explains the progress of his/her research and future direction. The progress committee members actively make questions and suggestions and discuss in depth with the student about the future directions. The committee members also give comments on writing aspects of the D4 progress report. Since this is an informal closed meeting, students are recommended to show their preliminary data and talk frankly about difficulties and problems that they face so that the committee members can give practical, constructive suggestions.

Expected learning outcome and objectives:

The progress committee chair examines the following points and provides advice and support as required.
1. To obtain basic skills for writing an easy-to-read paper through drafting and editing after receiving comments from others
2. To have a more objective view and a broader sense about their own research through receiving comments from specialists outside their host lab
3. To advance their research by solving problems and difficulties they are currently facing
4. To set a concrete goal for their research projects

Grading policy and criteria:

Grades (A, B, C, D) will be based on performances in the D4 progress report and the research project. The detailed suggestions and feedback from the progress committee will be given to students, their supervisors and the General Affairs/Education team in a form of a written report.


1. The D4 progress report and an activity report must be submitted by the second Tuesday of May for students enrolled in April and by the second Tuesday of November for those enrolled in October.
2. The progress committee meeting is typically held in May-June for students enrolled in April and in November-December for those enrolled in October. The specific date and time are determined by discussion between the student and the progress committee members.

Related course, pre-requisites:

All D4 students must take this course. Before taking this course, students must have completed Progress IIIA and IIIB.

Students have to select four progress committee members (including a chair) and inform the General Affairs/Education team by the end of the first month of the registered semester. The committee members must be selected from outside the student’s host lab. In the event that a student wishes to choose an assistant professor as a committee member, advanced consent from that person will be necessary. The selected members are usually assigned automatically for the Progress VA and subsequently for evaluation of the doctoral degree. Note that the evaluation committee for the doctoral degree must include at least two professors.

Responsible Faculty:

Progress committee chair

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