Life Science Progress IA

updated date : 30, March 2017

Course title:

Life Science Progress IA


2 Credits

Course description:

one-to-one interview

The one-to-one interview of a student with the progress committee chair is held 3-4 months after admission. Students prepare presentation materials, and explain their research projects and future plans to their chairs. By answering questions given by the chairs and receiving their advice, students refine and define their research projects. After the interview, the students will receive a written report from the progress committee chair with suggestions and feedback regarding their performance.

Expected learning outcome and objectives:

Considering that students have just started their first year of study, special attention is paid to the following two points.
1. knowledge about the contents, background and significance of the student’s own research
2. participation of the student in appropriate course, lab and other research activities to help to ensure adequate growth of the student as an independent researcher
The progress committee chair gives advice regarding these points, and helps the student to develop a strategy to better his or her performance.

Grading policy and criteria:

Grades (A, B, C, D) will be based on performance in the interview and engagement in the research project. Detailed specific feedback and suggestions from the committee chair will be provided as a written report, and will also be sent to the supervisor and General Affairs/Education team.


The interview is held in June or July for students enrolled in April and in December or January for those enrolled in October. The specific date and time of the interview are determined by discussion between the student and his/her progress committee chair.

Related course, pre-requisites:

All D1 students must take this course.

Students must elect one progress committee chair and inform the General Affairs/Education team by the end of the first month of the D1 year. The chair must be selected from among professors and associate professors outside the student’s host lab.
See Selection of progress committee members

Responsible Faculty:

Progress committee chair

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