Molecular and Cellular Biology II

updated date : 8, March 2017

Course title Credit and Type:

Molecular and Cellular Biology II lecture, 2Credit   2017

Course description/type:

Basic features of molecular and cellular biology will be lectured and discussed. These include regulation of transcription and translation, protein structure and function, post-translational modification, structure and dynamics of chromosome, structure and dynamics of cell, organelles and cytoskeleton, metabolism, protein traffic, signal transduction and cell imaging.

Course content:

May 19, 2017~ February 16, 2018 13:30~15:10 on Fridays

 May 19  Kazuhiro Maeshima, Structure of Chromosome
 May 26  Koichi Kawakami, Transposable Element
 June 9  Masato Kanemaki, Replication, Recombination and Repair of Chromosome
 June 16  Yuta Shimamoto, Structure and Function of Protein
 June 23  Yusuke Miyanari, Regulation of Transcription
 June 30  Nobuyuki Shiina, Regulation of Translation
 July 7  Hironori Niki, Partition of Chromosomes
 July 14  Daiju Kitagawa, Cell Structure I
 October 20  Shin-ya Miyagishima, Cell Structure II
 October 27  Akatsuki Kimura, Cytoskelton
 November 10  Tomomi Tsubouchi, Cell Cycle and Cell Differentiation
 January 12  Shigenori Nonaka, Cilia and Flagella
 January 19  Kazuhiro Aoki, Signal Transduction
 January 26  Takashi Ueda, Intracellular Transport
 February 9  Yoshiaki Kamada & Shoji Mano, Autophagy
 February 16  Akira Yamashita, Meiosis

Expected learning outcome and objectives:

1. Elucidation of biological phenomena in a molecular level
2. Understanding methods to analyze in a molecular level
3. Elucidation of biological phenomena in a cellular level
4. Understanding methods to analyze in a cellular level

Grading policy and criteria:

The grades will be A, B, C, and D, which are determined by the quality of the paper, which must be submitted to the lecturer by the provided deadline. The subject(s) of the paper must be one of the four important aspects that are presented in the above Course Objectives.

Classroom location:

Oral and TV:
Seminar Room (B202), 2nd floor of Library in the National Institute of Genetics /
Seminar Room 4 (131) 1st floor in the National Institute for Basic Biology

languages used in the classroom:


Lecture materials and readings:

Molecular Biology of the Gene, J. D. Watson et al., CSHL Press.
Molecular Biology of the Cell, B. Alberts et al., Garland Science.
Genes, B. Lewin, Prentice Hall.
Introduction to Genetic Analysis, A. J. F. Griffiths et al., W H Freeman & Co.
The Cell Cycle, D. O. Morgan, Oxford University Press.


It is desirable to have the basic knowledge corresponding to the lecture of Molecular and Cellular Biology I (E-learning), but it is not mandatory. It is given as an oral lecture, which will be provided in English.

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