Genetics (Perspective of Frontiers)

updated date : 11, November 2016

Course title Credit and Type:

Perspective of Frontiers I-V  Genetics: lecture, Discussions 0.5Credit   2016 October-March


Course description:

This course consists of short lecture series (projects) each of which providing fundamental principles at the boudary of biology with another field.
It is designed to provide basis for students to explore the frontiers of new fields.
Credits will be given when students complete two of the following lecture series; Genetics, eBioscience Primer


Expected learning outcome and objectives:

1. To understand the historical background and the aim of Genetics
2. To understand the basic strategies and methods used in Genetics
3. To understand to what extent our behaviors and diseases are defined by our genes, and the interplay between genes and other factors


Grading policy and criteria:

The grades will be A, B, C, and D, which are determined by the quality of the paper, which must be submitted to the lecturer by the provided deadline. The subject(s) of the paper must be one of the 3 aspects that are presented in the above Course Objectives.


Course content:

Basic concepts, approaches and techniques in Genetics will be outlined and discussed. In addition, the lecture focuses on how our behaviors and diseases are controlled by our genes.



13:30-15:10 on Friday

Oct. 28 Isao KatsuraThe basics of Genetics 1: What are Genetics and Genes?
Nov. 4 Hiroyuki ArakiThe basics of Genetics 2: How we identify genes and their function?
How we study the genes? What are the limitations of Genetics?
Nov. 11 Tsuyoshi KoideBehavioral Genetics: How genes control our behaviors?
How we understand our behaviors through Genetics?
Nov. 18 Ituro Inoue,Genes and Diseases: How genes control (human) diseases?
How we understand the diseases through Genetics?


Classroom location:

2F seminar room of the library in National Institute of Genetics


languages used in the classroom:



Textbooks and required readings:

Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, 5th edition, Leland H. Hartwell, Michael L. Goldberg, Janice A. Fischer, Leroy Hood, Charles F. Aquadro



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