Introduction to Bioinformatics

updated date : 28, April 2017


Course title Credit and Type:

Introduction to Bioinformatics E-learning 1 Credit   2017


Course description:

This lecture is based on e-learning web system. Lectures include homology and motif search of genomic nucleotide sequences and protein amino acid sequences, construction of databases, large-scale analysis of gene networks and protein-protein interactions. Principles and application oof these analyses will be given, and students are requested to practice data analyses.


Expected learning outcome and objectives:

To understand basic disciplines of bioinformatics. To become familiar with some bioinformatic tools such as homology search, multiple alignment, phylogenetic tree construction, and text mining.


Grading policy and criteria:

Submission of report


Course content:

This course will introduce basic principles and concepts of bioinformatics using web-based e-learning system. Each lecturer gives lecture(s) on one’s speciality, and students are expected to hear all of them. This course will be conducted mainly in English.



E-learning Only in Department of Genetics


Classroom location:



languages used in the classroom:

English or Japanese


Related course, pre-requisites:

Familiarity with basic concepts of molecular biology and those of computer programming is recommended.




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