2-Day workshop on scientific presentation ~ based on the “NIG Method”

1-2 July, 2016 | National Institute of Genetics (NIG), Mishima Application Deadline: June 17th

Objectives and Outline

2-Day workshop on scientific presentation ~ based on the “NIG Method”

Oral presentation is an integral part of scientific research and serves as an opportunity to disseminate your research to the scientific community. However scientific presentation is not an oral version of your research paper; presentation transmits not only research accomplishments but also valuable information about the presenters themselves: the breadth of their research interests, logical and critical thinking skills, future directions, and personality. To meet these hidden needs of scientific presentation we have developed a new methodology of scientific presentation, based on our experience of making many research presentations as well as attending numerous seminars. This workshop introduces essential elements of this methodology, called the “NIG Method”. NIG Method is aimed not only at nurturing skills to get your message across, but also at improving the quality of your science itself.

This two-day workshop consists of lectures and a “masterclass”. In lectures (day 1), we will discuss how research presentation differs from lectures, and describe two key structural elements of scientific presentation: “key question” and “perspective frame”. We will then introduce several techniques to aid comprehension — i.e. techniques to demonstrate your intelligence to the audience.

Masterclass session (day 2) is an opportunity to put the theory into practice. Selected participants will make a 10-minute presentation in English to receive advice from instructors and other researchers.

All activities will be conducted in English; fluency in Japanese is not required for participation.


  • Tatsumi Hirata (professor, Division of Brain Function)
  • Todd Gorman (English Specialist)
  • Yasushi Hiromi (professor emeritus, SOKENDAI)

Program (tentative)

Friday, 1 July

13:30-14:00: lecture 1 “Essence of scientific presentation”
14:00-15:00: lecture 2 “Structure of scientific presentation”
15:15-16:15: lecture 3 “Various techniques in scientific presentation”
16:30-19:30: Mixer (NIG Poster Workshop)

Saturday, 2 July

9:00-11:30: Presentation masterclass
11:30-12:00: lecture 4 “Humor in scientific presentation”


Researchers (Graduate Student, Postdoc, Faculty) in natural sciences
Maximum number of participants: 50

How to Apply

Please email the information listed below ask-ord@nig.ac.jp with the subject line: NIGmethod2016.

  1. Name
  2. Affiliation
  3. Current position
  4. Current Lab
  5. Brief description of your research (2-3 sentences)
  6. Would you like to make a 10-minute presentation in masterclass? (Yes/No)
    If you wish to make a presentation on your research, please submit tentative title and abstract.


Participation free: None

Need-based Travel Grant Available

We will be offering need-based travel grant. This grant is based on the financial need and distance required for travel to attend the workshop. To be considered, you should be registered at the time of application. Please send the information listed below with your application mail. Applicants will be notified of the results of their application by email by 21 June.

  1. A brief budget for the workshop including your anticipated expenses (lodging, travel costs, etc.)
  2. Other funds and their sources (e.g. department, advisor’s grant, etc) you already have to partially cover your travel expenses.
  3. A brief explanation (2-3 sentences) about why you are attending and what you are most expecting to the Workshop.

If you have any questions, write to ask-ord@nig.ac.jp

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