Office for Research Development

Strengthening and support of research


Research Summary

Office for Research Development (ORD) offers various help to those involved in research. Our activities include organizing workshops, mediating collaborative research, discussion and advice on manuscripts and scientific presentations, grant-application support, arrangements of international cooperation, and research infrastructure support. Synergizing with the superb research environment and the interactive atmosphere of NIG, we aim to contribute to the strengthening of research activity of the scientific community. ORD also takes part in the public relationship, IR (Institutional Research) of the institute, as well as activities to disseminate the scientific presentation curriculum (NIG Method) developed at NIG.

Writings and Talks

平田たつみ,タジ・ゴルマン, 広海 健 (2016). 「遺伝研メソッドで学ぶ科学英語プレゼンテーション―感じる力、考える力、討論する力を育てる」 dZERO.

伊東真知子 (2017). 「遺伝子バンク30年」静岡新聞朝刊 全16回.

広海 健 (2016). “遺伝研メソッドによる研究プレゼンテーション指導の試みとその効果” 京都大学大学院 総合生存学館 (2016.8.9).

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