Office for Research Development

Strengthening of research activity, IR (Institutional Research), and Public relations


Research Summary

“To maximize and further develop the potentials of those involved in research”
  With this motto, Office for Research Development (ORD) promotes three missions: Strengthening of research activity, IR, and Public relations. Our activities include organizing workshops, mediating collaborative research, discussion and advice on manuscripts and scientific presentations, dissemination of NIG Method, grant-application support, and arrangements of international cooperation. Data collection and analysis of research activities of NIG contributes to continuous improvement of the institute as well as public relations. Synergizing with the superb research environment and the interactive atmosphere of NIG, we aim to play an instrumental role in strengthening of research activity of the scientific community.

Writings and Talks

来栖光彦,礒野靖子,岡本基,小川洋子,笹山浩二,蓮池岳司,横尾成子.⼤学への貢献を可視化:共同利⽤・共同研究の改善に向けた取り組み.RA協議会 第3回年次大会 (2017.8.29-30).

広海健.研究発表の新機軸:「遺伝研メソッド」による研究力強化とグローバル化支援.総研大全学的英語教育事業セミナー (2017.12.26).

来栖光彦.IR・研究力評価について:大学共同利用機関の貢献度を可視化.RA協議会 第2回年次大会 (2016.9.1-2).

平田たつみ,タジ・ゴルマン,広海健.「遺伝研メソッドで学ぶ科学英語プレゼンテーション―感じる力、考える力、討論する力を育てる」 2016 dZERO.

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