Morishima Award

Morishima Award for outstanding performance in the Department of Genetics

The Morishima Award was established using a donation from the Morishima family honoring the late professor emeritus of NIG, Dr. Hiroko MORISHIMA. It awards students who receive a doctoral degree from the Department of Genetics to acknowledge their outstanding performances during PhD studies. Recipients are granted a certificate and an incentive to encourage further achievements.

Number of recipients: One or two award winners are selected among the students receiving degrees in September and March of each fiscal year.

September, 2018
 Shingo NAKAZAWA (Division of Neurogenetics, thesis advisor: Takuji IWASATO)
  thesis title : Dynamic mechanism of neural circuit refinement in neonatal cortex
March, 2018
 Ryosuke IMAI (Biological Macromolecules Laboratory, thesis advisor: Kazuhiro MAESHIMA)
  thesis title : DNA transactions and physical environment of chromatin
September, 2017
 Harsh NAGPAL (Division of Microbial Genetics, thesis advisor: Hiroyuki ARAKI)
     (Hosted by Prof. Tatsuo FUKAGAWA, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University, as Special Research Student)
  thesis title : The Interaction Network between Centromeric Proteins during Kinetochore Formation
March, 2017
 Yuki TSUCHIYA (Division of Centrosome Biology, thesis advisor: Daiju KITAGAWA)
  thesis title : The role of Cep295 in centrosome biogenesis of human cells
 Kazunori YAMAMOTO (Cell Architecture Laboratory, thesis advisor: Akatsuki KIMURA)
  thesis title : A study on inter-cellular forces for blastomere configurations in developing embryos
March, 2016
 Isaac Adeyemi BABARINDE (Division of Population Genetics, thesis advisor: Naruya SAITOU)
  thesis title : Analyses of genomic changes associated with rodent evolution
March, 2014
 Hideaki KANZAWA (Division of Population Genetics, thesis advisor: Naruya SAITOU)
  thesis title : Ancient genomic DNA analysis of Jomon people