Life Science Seminar I-V

updated date : 26, September 2017


Course title Credit and Type:

Life Science Seminar I-V, 1Credit

Course description:

A large number of seminars covering various fields of life sciences are held at NIG. For example, every Friday members of NIG present their research at the “NIG Colloquium”, and dozens of “Biological Symposia” featuring eminent scientists from all over the world are held each year. Students enhance their scientific skills through attending these seminars, exchanging questions and engaging in discussion with fellow researchers.


Expected learning outcome and objectives:

Scientific seminars are a very important source of information for scientists. Through attending numerous seminars on frontline research, students may gain knowledge in various disciplines and promote their own critical thinking skills. They will also learn how to ask effective questions and to actively engage in scientific discussion.


Grading policy and criteria:

Select and attend 8 or more seminars from the various “Biological Symposium”, “NIG colloquium” and “NIG workshop”. After the seminars, students must submit reports. Every report should describe the student’s impressions of the seminar such as what was learned or interested him/her. The students are requested to ask questions at least one of the seminars and to write down the questions that they asked and the speaker’s answers to the questions in the report sheet. Grades (A, B, C, D) will be determined based on attendance and the contents of the reports.



NIG colloquia are held 15:30-16:30 on Fridays. Information regarding other seminars is announced in advance each time on the NIG homepage and by e-mail.