Fundamentals of Scientific Writing I-III

updated date : 10, April 2018


Course title Credit and Period:

Fundamentals of Scientific Writing II 1 Credit  2018 2nd semester


This course will explore principles of clear English writing and presentation. The class will address fundamentals of writing as well as specifics of preparing scientific papers and proposals as well as professional material such as applications. Writing assignments and discussion will be important aspects of the class.


The ultimate goal of this course is to obtain scientific writing skills that scientists need in order to present their research internationally. The course is designed to provide opportunities for self-development of students as independent researchers.

Lecture plan:

This year’s course is called “Scientific Writing for Effective Research Posters”. A well-written and organized research poster is an important vehicle for scientists to reach their intended audience. This class will discuss properties of effective posters using both available examples and work from class members. We will focus on the writing aspect but will also discuss coordination between text and visuals (table, figures).



2/13 (Wed)
 :  Introductory lecture and discussion “Defining properties of effective research posters”, discussion on “Fundamentals for clear scientific writing”
2/18 (Mon)
 : Lecture and discussion: “Setting the context: research abstracts and introductions”
2/25 (Mon)
 : Discussion and workshop on class member research poster abstract and introductions, Lecture on “The body of the poster: Methods, Results and Conclusions”
3/ 4 (Mon)
 : Discussion and workshop on class member research poster Methods, Results and Conclusions sections



2F seminar room of the library in National Institute of Genetics






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