NIG Measures for the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease


The number of new infections of the novel coronavirus keeps increasing and decreasing from time to time. The main reason for this situation is that the predominant sub-lineage of the Omicron variant has been replaced by another sub-lineage by repetition. In order to cope with these circumstances, we will maintain the present level of activity restrictions and take precautions against infection on the basis of the “NIG Five Basic Prevention Measures”.

(Special Notes)

“NIG Five Basic Prevention Measures” based on the former infection prevention measures

– Wearing a mask
– Ventilation
– Hand sanitizing
– Monitoring health condition
– Eating silently

NIG’s Various Prevention Measures

[1] Work arrangements

The operation is carried out by giving the utmost consideration to the prevention of the spread of infection. Working from home is recommended. Meetings are held both face-to-face and online. Commuters using public transportation should give the utmost consideration to the prevention of the spread of infection by such way of staggering commuting hours.

[2] Education

When conducting face-to-face research guidance, laboratory meetings and lectures, we hold them online, too.

[3] Conference

When having face-to-face meetings, we give the utmost consideration to the prevention of the spread of infection.

[4] Business trip, outside work

When making business trips or engaging in out-of-office work, we take notes of our health condition for the period of three days before and after the business trip / the out-of-office work.

[5] Treatment of visitors

We ask our visitors (excluding brief time visitors such as delivery vendors) to monitor their health conditions using the Health Observation Form for the period of three days before their visit to NIG (and during their visit).

We also ask our visitors for cooperation in following the NIG Five Basic Prevention Measures such as wearing masks and sanitizing hands when entering our facilities.

[Measures for preventing infection]

It has been regarded that the major infection routes of the novel coronavirus are transmission through “contagious infection” and through “droplet infection” (caused by airborne droplets). However, the latest research indicates that the “aerial infection” is another transmission pathway.

This virus is characterized by the following features: infected individuals can spread the virus prior to showing symptoms, and many of the infected people are asymptomatic although contagious. In other words, it takes time before we realize that we are infected with the virus.

The mutants emerging in the society where a large portion of people have received vaccination are vaccine-resistant and cause spreading breakthrough infection. In order to prevent the emergence of such stubborn mutants and to prevent the spread of infection, we should keep the following in mind: “Do not spread the virus to others”, “Try not to be infected with the virus”, and “We may already have been infected with the virus”. It is important to maintain the infection control measures, such as wearing masks, ventilating rooms, and sanitizing hands.

Best regards,

Fumio Hanaoka
Director-General (Head of the Department of Genetics)
National Institute of Genetics

February 03, 2023


Information on new coronavirus infections at NIG (latest information)

Websites for reference

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