NIG Measures for the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease

The novel coronavirus disease was downgraded to category 5 (common infectious disease) as of May 8, 2023. Accordingly, the Japanese government stopped prevailing infection prevention measures uniformly throughout the country. Now an independent choice is valued in deciding on a course of action.

However, the novel coronavirus pandemic has not entirely ended. In order to carry on our research activities smoothly, it is necessary that each member keeps practicing prevention measures.

Taking these conditions into consideration, NIG members shall individually be mindful of infection risks and follow the basic prevention measures as below.

[NIG Basic Prevention Measures]

– Wearing a mask
(Mask wearing is basically left up to individual judgment. However, it is encouraged to wear a mask in situations where many people gather for meetings, etc.)
– Ventilation/Hand sanitizing

To: Visitors to NIG

We are not controlling the number of people allowed inside our premises.

Thank you for your cooperation in sanitizing your hands and wearing masks in crowded places (such as meetings).

Best regards,

Fumio Hanaoka
National Institute of Genetics

June 09, 2023

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