RinkaiHackathon: Lectures and practical training on seawater metagenome, June 10th-13th

RinkaiHackathon 2018

 We set up a research group called “Rinkai Hack” with a few volunteers to promote research education and human resources exchanges beyond the boundaries of informatics and animal/ plant research, with marine stations as the primary places of activity. The name Rinkai Hackathon is derived from “Rinkai (coastal, waterfront, or marine), Hack, marathon”.

 We widely invite for participants of the event of this year, “RinkaiHackathon 2018”.We will hold a symposium on June 10and hands-on, three-day course June 11-13.The venue of the symposium is Fukuju Kaikan in Fukuyama Castle, and the venue of the hands-on course is the Mukai-Shima marine station of Hiroshima University (Mukaijima, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture).In addition to lectures by the committee members, several invited speakers are scheduled. For details, please see the event page.

 This year we are planning lectures and practical training on environmental DNA / metagenome and will provide experience-based learnings from DNA extraction from seawater to DNA sequence analysis. Let’s learn the actual latest situation of the marine metagenomic analyses which is often taking up as a scientific topic recently. At the same time, we will set a discussion time in which participants discuss what of classical knowledge and system of biology does not change depending on the progress of technology.

 As of this year, we will change the primary language during the event to English, because we want to encourage domestic and international students to participate and also have opportunities to exchange outside the university. At the same time, we also encourage not only Japanese students who are confident in English but also students who are not as confident. If you cannot communicate well in English, the organizing staff will support you. (The committee members are also not very good at English. But we are doing it, somehow!! Que Sera Sera.)

For details of the event, please visit the website.

Registration is accepted from the registration form on the website.

Any question related to the event is also accepted from the website.

Intended participants: graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Application deadline: May 11, 2018

* Since the practical training facility and training contents, we have a capacity of 20 people. In case of a large number of applications, we will conduct a selection.
* There is a possibility of some change in the Hands-on schedule and the speaker’s schedule.

Confirmed Guest lecturers:

  Shinsuke Kawagucci (JAMSTEC) at June 10 (Sun)
  Romain Blanc-Mathieu at June 10 (Sun)
  Satoshi Yamamoto (Kyoto University) at June 11 (Mon)
  Yusuke Uchiyama (Kobe University): oceanic dynamics at June 12 (Tue)
  James Reimer (University of the Ryukyus) Schedule TBD
  Satoshi Hiraoka (JAMSTEC) June 10 (Sun)
  Yosuke Nishimura (Univ. of Tokyo) June 10 (Sun)

April. 5, 2018 (H30)
  Rinkaihackathon2018 committee members
   Masaaki Yoshida (Shimane University)
   Takeshi Kawashima (National Institute of Genetics)
   Mayuko Hamada (Okayama University)
   Norio Miyamoto (JAMSTEC)
   Yoshiaki Morino (University of Tsukuba)
   Davin Setiamarga (NIT, Wakayama College)
   Akihito Omori (Niigata Univ.)
    Kunifumi Tagawa (Hiroshima University)
  Co-hosted by
   Hiroshima University
   DDBJ: DNA Data Bank of Japan
   JSBi (Japanese Society for Bioinformatics)
  Supported by
   ROIS Mirai Toushi FS
  Endorsed by
    The chair of the directors meeting for the Japanese National Marine and Inland Water Stations

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