Admission Policy

Program’s basic policy

The Genetics Program aims to nurture independent, creative scientists who can conduct research activity around the globe. The primary objective is to educate students with rich background knowledge and to train them with highly advanced research skills.

Ideal students being sought

The Genetics Program seeks students who have a strong interest and desire to pursue research in Life Sciences, have the potential to become independent researchers, and strive to do so through the academic experience at the Genetics Program.

Basic approach to selecting applicants

1) Knowledge is important, but the Genetics Program also emphasizes High motivation, Creativity, and Logical thinking.
In addition, English ability for scientific research is evaluated.
2) In order to measure the potential of each prospective student as a researcher, interviews and written tests are evaluated by the entire faculty.
3) Admissions process is designed to provide opportunities to various people, including international students, transfer students and students entering from the working force.

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