Organization Chart

Director-General HANAOKA, Fumio

Research Departments

Center for Frontier Research

Center for Frontier Research
FUKUSHIMA, KenjiPlant Evolution▶Lab HP
SASAKI, MarikoGene Quantity Biology▶Lab HP
YAMAMICHI, MasatoTheoretical Ecology and Evolution▶Lab HP

Intellectual Infrastructure Center

Bioinformation and DDBJ Center
Division of High Performance Computing
Division of Biological Databases
Division of International Affairs
Division of Internal Affairs
Advanced Genomics Center
Sequencing Division
Data Analysis Division
Genetic Resource Center
Bioresource Management Division
Plant Resource Development Division
Division for Development of Genetic-Engineered Mouse Resource
Bioresource Database Division
Phenotype Research Center
Technical Promotion Division
Facility Utilization Division
Resource Development Division
Support Center
IT Unit
Chemical and Radioisotope Management Unit
Unit for Experimental Animal Care
Office for Research Development
KURUSU, MitsuhikoOffice for Research Development▶HP
Office for Gender Equality
HIRATA, Tatsumi▶HP
Department of Administration
General Affairs and Project Section
Financial Affairs Section
Technical Section
FURUUMI, HiroyasuTechnical Section

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