Advanced Genomics Center

Advanced Genomics Center


Head, Advanced Genomics Center

TOYODA, Atsushi

Division Head (Sequencing)

MORI, Hiroshi

Division Head (Data Analysis)


Sequencing Division

GOTO, Yasuhiro
Associate Professor

Data Analysis Division

KOHARA, Yuji Project Professor

FUJIYAMA, Asao Specially Appointed Professor

NOGUCHI, Hideki Project Professor

BABA, Tomoya Project Associate Professor

KOSUGI, Shunichi Project Associate Professor

TOH, Hidehiro Specially Appointed Associate Professor

HIGASHI, Koichi Assistant Professor

Advanced Genomics Center was established October 1st., 2011, with the aim to combine the latest genomics technology, i.e., next generation sequencing, for example, and the genetic resources, that have been collected and constructed throughout the history of this institute, to create resources for new-generation genetics.

Since such resources should have links among biological (phenotypic) annotations, data from genetic as well as genomic researches, this center will work closely with other laboratories of Genetic Strains Research Center, and research communities around the country. This center is also expected to become core facility for research communities to provide latest technologies and tools of the present-day genomics.

To answer the expectations and heavy demand of genome analyses from the universities and research communities, the target projects that will be conducted in this center will be chosen through NIG’s Collaborative Research Program that is open to researchers outside of NIG.

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