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SUZUKI, Mutsuaki


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Research Summary

Aiming at sharing our research findings with society and creating new innovation, we are vigorously promoting active collaboration with industries through joint research and technology transfer.

We are committed to managing our intellectual property derived from research by patenting, maintaining, and licensing in a strategic and efficient way.

We also play an active role as ABS Support Team for Academia to support researchers at universities and research institutions throughout Japan to obtain genetic resources from overseas and utilize them smoothly in accordance with the CBD provisions and the regulations of each country.

Selected Publications

Scholz AH, Freitag J, Lyal CHC, Sara R, Cepeda ML, Cancio I, Sett S, Hufton AL, Abebaw Y, Bansal K, Benbouza H, Boga HI, Brisse S, Bruford MW, Clissold H, Cochrane G, Coddington JA, Deletoille AC, García-Cardona F, Hamer M, Hurtado-Ortiz R, Miano DW, Nicholson D, Oliveira G, Bravo CO, Rohden F, Seberg O, Segelbacher G, Shouche Y, Sierra A, Karsch-Mizrachi I, da Silva J, Hautea DM, da Silva M, Suzuki M, Tesfaye K, Tiambo CK, Tolley KA, Varshney R, Zambrano MM, Overmann J. Multilateral benefit-sharing from digital sequence information will support both science and biodiversity conservation. Nat Commun. 2022 Feb 23;13(1):1086.

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