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The front pages will always be accessible, but the links to other pages may change without notice.
Front pages:

If you provide a link to the front pages, please inform our Webmaster ( of the linked page and URL, the content of your page and URL, and the purpose of the link.

Depending on the way of linking and the content, we may have to decline your link. We will decline your link under the following conditions.
(1) Link from a page defeating the purpose of NIG such as for profit or soliciting
(2) Link that shows the contents of NIG Website on your page (e.g. The content of NIG Website is incorporated in the frame of your page.)
(3) Link to individual articles

If you provide a link to pages of relevant sections, please write the link to the front page together with it. Individual websites are managed by each research department. The system of this web server may be stopped without prior notice. We will not inform you if the URL of linked page is changed.


  • The webpage contents disclosed on the Internet are copyrighted.
  • The contents include all the created/edited information, such as screen images, photos, illustrations, movies and sounds, as well as articles. The copyright of the layout, design and structure shall also belong to NIG.
  • Duplicating or reutilizing (diverting) the contents for other electronic media or printed materials without the consent of the copyright holder may constitute a violation of the copyright law except as otherwise specifically provided.


  • Every content of this website is not aimed at investment solicitation. Users shall use the information gained from each content of this website on their own judgment and responsibility. Although each content is created based on the reliable information and data at the time of creation, NIG and the informants do not take responsibility for their accuracy, adequacy, and integrity. NIG and the informants do not take responsibility for any loss due to such information.
  • This site includes links to other websites. The destination webpages are not managed by NIG. NIG and the informants do not take responsibility for their contents.

Access logs

  • The official website of National Institute of Genetics records access logs such as the number of site visits, browser types, and viewed pages by using Google Analytics. This access log is used for statistical analysis about access trends/numbers and improvement of the website. These information do not identify the user. Please note that Google Analytics uses Cookies.

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