Baruch Sebastian Perez Villanueva

It's hard to summarize all the experiences I lived during the six weeks of the NIGINTERN program in a few words, but trying to put into simple words, I would say they were just amazing.

During my internship I worked in Kubo Lab (System Neuroscience) where the main objective is to understand the underlying mechanisms controlling the visual information processing in the zebra fish brain. The project I had the chance to work on, was to analyze the function of a specific gene in the processing of visual information. All of this under the supervision of amazing mentors who patiently instructed me in the neuroscience’s techniques, such as CRISPR/Cas9 mediated knockout, zebrafish handling, confocal and calcium imaging among others. I am really thankful with Kubo-sensei, Matsuda-san, Ayjan and Chung Han, for all of their time, patience and in general all they did for me during this time.

And beyond the laboratory work, the internship was a really great opportunity for cultural exchange, I am really glad I could meet a lot of incredible people during my internship, get to know about their countries and cultures and make friendship with them. During this time, we had incredible adventures such as taking the night bus to Osaka, getting lost in the subway system in Tokyo, surviving the Mt. Fuji hiking to the top, exploring the Izu peninsula, attending a tea ceremony in Shimada’s tea museum, among many others.

This internship was a really enriching experience, in both scientific and cultural aspects. I am really thankful with all the NIGINTERN organizing committee and the NIGINTERN operation team for making all of this possible. And I would like to give special thanks to all the friends I made along the way, for making this time and unforgettable experience.