Nuchanart Suntornnont

Initially, I would like to say my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be NIG intern student for six weeks period that was extraordinarily experienced in Japan that I will never forget.

I was accepted to Systems Neuroscience Laboratory headed by Kubo-sensei whose lab is currently focusing on Neural circuit mechanisms for visual processing and behavior in zebrafish. It was my first time, I had studied animal modeling, and I believed it was an excellent beginning. This program taught me a great deal about laboratory life and the fundamental techniques for zebrafish research, such as injection, embryo fixation, and confocal microscopy. In addition, regarding how to use the equipment and interpret the results, my sensei and all lab members provided me with a lot of invaluable advice and were always kind and encouraging and helped me through my research project with patience. I am thankful to have joined such a great laboratory. Overall, this internship provided my future perspective with an exceptional studying and working atmosphere.

Besides working in the lab, the whole NIG, and especially my lab, made me feel instantly at home and led me to explore amazing places like Hakone. Moreover, we were lucky enough to climb Fuji-san as my first hiking experience that was organized by Kanemaki-sensei. In addition, other interns and I had the opportunity to go to a variety of locations in Mishima and beyond, such as Numazu and Tokyo during our spare time. Therefore, I appreciate the companionship of my labmates and fellow interns. Furthermore, this program also has given me a lot of local Japanese culture with a kind and patient manner and Japanese class opportunities.

Finally, regarding the Covid19 situation, I actually would like to thank all of NIG organization for the excellent co-organization, comforting care, and providing us with the appropriate facilities.