Tan-Feng Chen

Time sure flies. I’m already missing Japan, the culture, the food and the kindness of the people. I am grateful to participate in this program. Although not so much can be done within one and a half months, I would say I have made the most of my time to work hard and play hard.

I’m delighted to join Miyagishima sensei’s lab, our lab focuses on the study of microalgae, which plays important role in the evolutionary study. I got to experience nearly the full scheme of red algae development starting from the very start of field sampling to the initial stages of characterization through working on different strains of red algae. It was truly a precious experience to be able to go to sampling sites to obtain samples personally, which is something we don’t normally get to do if work in other fields of study. Our lab members had been supportive and helpful this whole time, under the tutor of Hirooka-san, I was able to carry out the project successfully.

NIG has several leading researchers studying in various fields. I was introduced to several through lab visits and seminars, which is a great opportunity for whom are still struggling with their future research path. In addition, the weekly Japanese lesson given sparked my interest in learning this beautiful language. I fully enjoyed my time here thanks to NIG.

During the weekends, I had the chance to look around this beautiful country, whether it’s the busy city life in Tokyo or the coziness of Mishima, not to mention climbing to the summit of Mount Fuji, I definitely had one of my lifetime bucket list checked. Everything is so dreamy, especially being able to experience all these with fellow interns and some new friends, which makes the whole journey even more unforgettable.

Thank you so much again to NIG and NTU for providing this amazing program. I would recommend it to people who are considering doing research in Japan, you get to see what the academic environment is like in Japan and get a glimpse of what living in Japan was like, which really is a precious opportunity.