NIG Internationalization Promotion Committee Activities

The activities of NIG Internationalization Promotion Committee are categorized into the three kinds of support:

A) Support individual international members

  1. Help with initial move to NIG / Mishima*
  2. visa application / resident registration and National Health Insurance registration at the City Hall / opening of a bank account / housing / application for utilities (electricity, water and gas) , etc.

    * For SOKENDAI students: Usually tutors who can speak both Japanese and English are assigned to help international students.

  3. Help with verbal and written communication with the NIG administration office
  4. Arrange Japanese lessons
  5. arranging appropriate level of classes for the applicants in coordination with the language instructor

B) Support internationalization of NIG as an organization

  1. Help NIG administration office to make English translation of administrative documents and emails.
  2. Post English documents useful for daily life (including emergency info and medical info) on external/internal website

C) Support for social activities to enhance internationalization of NIG

Members of Internationalization Promotion Committee for FY2018 (2018年度 国際化推進委員会)

Name and E-mail address Only accessible from NIG internal accounts