Embassy recommendation process for MEXT scholarship

Program Overview

Students can obtain a MEXT scholarship before applying to our graduate program by taking advantage of the Embassy recommendation process. After passing the initial screening conducted at the Japanese embassy or consulate, applicants can contact a prospective mentor at NIG and discuss potential research projects. Successful applicants will be initially admitted as “research students (non-degree students)” of The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI and be able to initiate research as well as familiarize themselves with Japanese language and culture. To enroll as degree-candidate graduate students, research students must pass the entrance examination of our graduate program (“General Admission System”) within two years. The scholarship will be provided to both successful research and graduate students throughout their studies as long as they remain in good academic standing.

The primary screening at the Japanese embassy or consulate will include documentary screening, language test (Japanese and English) and interviews. Because education and research at NIG are conducted primarily in English, knowledge of Japanese is not mandatory to be accepted to NIG. For the details, please inquire at the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country.


The process of getting accepted as a research student with this scholarship is rather lengthy; please plan ahead to meet the various deadlines.

Please refer to the following URL for the detailed procedures: https://www.soken.ac.jp/en/admission/mextscholarship/scholarship_jpn/

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