Oral Scientific Communication I (科学英語口頭演習 I)

The "NIG Method" for Scientific Presentation 2022

Classes will be conducted via Zoom for the beginning of the course with in-person classes due to resume after the summer break (from September). The precise timing that in-person classes resume will depend on the progress of the Covid-19 situation and NIG rules about commuting from surrounding prefectures.

Course material of each session can be viewed by clicking the session title.

dates Title
4/25-27 What is scientific presentation?
download excerpt of week1 contents
5/9-12 How to convey your message
5/16-19 Summarizing & Choosing title
5/23-26 Asking questions
download tips for Q&A English Japanese
5/30-6/2 Asking questions cont'd
6/6-9 Answering questions
6/20-23 Answering questions cont'd
6/27-30 Easy to follow story with "flow" and "focus"
7/4-7 Emphasizing key ideas
9/5-8 Speaking techniques for maximum comprehension
download examples of common mispronunciations seen in native speakers of Japanese (in Japanese)
日本人が間違えやすい例文集 [pdf]
音声の動画ファイル (movie file) [58MB zip file]
9/12-15 Describing graphs
9/26-28 Describing shapes and images
10/3-6 Clarity in scientific explanations
10/17-20 Constructive scientific dialogue
10/24-27 Critiquing presentations
10/31-11/3 Designing the Presentation Framework: Conclusions and Introductions
11/7-10 Conclusions with provided data
11/14-18 Introductions with provided data
11/28-12/1 Full presentation with provided data
2023/1/16-19 Effective presentations slides and poster composition
1/23-2/28 Final individual research presentations

course organizer: HIRATA Tatsumi <tathirat[at]nig.ac.jp>
instructor: GOHMARU Taji <gsteven[at]nig.ac.jp> ; office: A125 (ext. 5874)

course objectives, prerequisites and grades

Oral Scientific Communication II

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