Oral Scientific Communication I (科学英語口頭演習 I)

The "NIG Method" for Scientific Presentation 2020

All sessions take place in Room A124.
Course material of each session can be viewed by clicking the session title.

dates Title
4/27-30 What is scientific presentation?
download excerpt of week1 contents
5/11-14 How to convey your message: choosing the right topic sentence
5/25-28 Summarizing & Choosing a title suited to target audience
6/1-3 Asking questions
download tips for Q&A English Japanese
6/22-27 Answering questions
7/6-9 Easy-to-follow story with "flow" and "focus"
9/7-10 Emphasizing key ideas
9/14-17 Speaking techniques for maximum comprehension
download examples of common mispronunciations seen in native speakers of Japanese (in Japanese)
日本人が間違えやすい例文集 [pdf]
音声の動画ファイル (movie file) [58MB zip file]
9/28-10/1 Describing graphs
10/5-8 Describing shapes and images
10/12-15 Clarity in scientific explanations
10/26-29 Constructive scientific dialogue
11/2-5 Critiquing presentations
11/9-12 Conclusions and Introductions
11/16-19 Deducing conclusions with provided data
11/24-26 Desigining introductions for your story
12/7-10 Full presentation with provided data
2021/1/18-21 Effective presentation slides
1/25-2/26 Final individual research presentations

course organizer: HIRATA Tatsumi <tathirat[at]nig.ac.jp>
instructor: GOHMARU Taji <gsteven[at]nig.ac.jp> ; office: A125 (ext. 5874)

course objectives, prerequisites and grades

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