Yu-Fan Huang

First of all, I would like to thank NIG and Hirata sensei for giving me this opportunity to do summer research in Japan. To me, this internship was a rather valuable one, and definitely one that I will never forget.

Prior to the application, I was lucky enough to hear about the working environment and daily life at NIG. I had high expectations, and NIG did not let me down. Seminars and presentation were in English, which created a foreigner-friendly atmosphere and did not cause me any difficulty understanding the content. People worked very hard, but in the meanwhile never lost their politeness, and patience towards people. My supervisor, Kawasaki sensei, was always kind and supportive, and patiently guided me through my research project. I am grateful for joining such a wonderful lab.

Besides working in the lab, other interns and I got to visit plenty of places and try Japanese dishes in our free time. We were even fortunate enough to climb Fuji-san, the national symbol of Japan, in excellent weather. Being abroad for the first time, I cherished every moment experiencing Japanese culture. I thank my fellow interns for being such good company. My stay at NIG would not have been perfect without you.

All in all, the internship at NIG is truly a great opportunity to do research in Japan and enjoy Japanese culture. For any dedicated researcher who wants to experience this beautiful country, I would without a doubt recommend this six-week long internship to you.

I already started missing NIG and Japan since the day I left. Although my internship has ended, my link to NIG is certainly not. I believe that our paths will come across again in the future.