Po-Long Hsiao

In retrospect, I was asking myself whether I was ready for the internship when I received the result announcement. On the other hand, I was excited about conducting experiments and learning from different experts at NIG.

The lab I joined was Kanemaki-sensei’s group. Kanemaki-sensei is truly a remarkable researcher and also very kind-hearted. Associate professor Natsume-san, who supervised me with patience during the internship, is certainly a great mentor. He always reminded me that there’s no guaranteed answer to the questions which becomes the appealing part of working in academia. In addition, I was warmly helped by other lab members, and I always relished the talk in our leisure time. It’s definitely my pleasure to have an opportunity to work in Kanemaki-sensei’s lab.

Life in Mishima was cozy, serene, and pleasant. I remember every kind helps from Education Team at NIG. In addition, food in cafeteria was so amazing that I had never tasted before. The Japanese course in NIG also gave the interns a chance to learn some useful phrases in our daily life. For me, NIG is an ideal place to do research in Japan.

I genuinely enjoyed spending time with all other interns. We chatted not only about the experiments we had done, but also the cultural differences between our countries. Additionally, despite the raining season, we travelled to many places on weekends, such as Tokyo, Atami, Numazu, and so on. I’m sure I have made good friends that will last me a lifetime. Undoubtedly, our memories will never fade.

For those who would like to join an internship program, NIGINTERN is absolutely a wonderful choice.