Amanda Nguyen

I still remember the excitement I felt upon receiving the acceptance email. I was sure that given my interest in learning about other cultures and scientific research, this was the perfect program for me. My experience as an NIG Intern went beyond all of my initial expectations. This program not only made me feel more confident about my future in scientific research, but also gave me many great experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.

My research project was rigorous; however, members of my lab proved to be excellent mentors and with their guidance I felt confident that I could accomplish every task. I learned new laboratory techniques and was also challenged to do some work independently. In addition to technical skills, I also learned how to plan experiments, and how to effectively communicate the results for a final presentation. I was heavily involved in completing all parts of the project which I feel is a very unique experience to have as an undergraduate student.

During the weekends, I had some time to sightsee. I visited several cities, saw amazing fireworks festivals, and even climbed to the Mt. Fuji summit. I was lucky enough not only to experience the beauty of Japan, but also the kind and welcoming nature of its people. Everyone I worked with, as well as the other interns, made NIG feel like home and I cannot thank the NIG team and Koide Laboratory members enough for their hospitality. I highly recommend this program to all students who are considering a career in research.