Chun-Hao Chien

I was so thankful for receiving the acceptance letter for the NIGINTERN 2017 program. This was an invaluable experience in my life.

As Bioinformatics is a mysterious and interesting field for me, I applied Human Genetics Department. In the past six weeks, I worked at the Human Genetics Department under Professor Ituro Inoue’s guidance, joined a project involving NGS data analysis, and gave an oral presentation titled: “The Mutation Pattern of Different Tissues from a Patient with Endometriosis and Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma” to the faculty. During all the training in NIG, I have learned a lot about how to analyze data from Next Generation Sequencing in mathmatical ways, how to use R programming language to solve data problems, how to read papers efficiently, and how to express my ideas in a logical and creative manner in English, etc. Thanks a lot for the time and patience all the lab memebers spent on me. It was my pleasure to work with them.

Besides the time I spent in lab, NIG provided lab visiting activities for us in weekdays. Also, there were seminars almost everyday, we can join as we wanted. I was impressed by the different view, different ways of thinking, different models and different model animals. All these broadened our horizon in scientific field. Also, NIG provided Japanese classes once a week. The teacher was kind and patient, teaching us many useful phrases from basic level.

In weekends, we can make our own plans. I went to Kyoto for visting my friends studying in Kyoto University, went to Hakone and saw the Torii (the gate of shrine) standing in the lake, went to Shizuoka and Matsubara to visit the Kunōzan Tōshō-gū Shrine and to stay by the sea. In addition, most interesting, we (other interns and me) climbed Mt. Fuji overnight, to see the sunrise! The view was breathtaking and amazing. The time getting along with interns was wonderful, we helped each other and discussed different cultures. (The committee said they chose interens from different countries!)

Finally, I would like to appreciate for the acceptance from NIGINTERN committee again. I really enjoyed the internship in NIG, the majestic nature of Japan, the kind people from several countries I met here, and the delicacy and delicious seafood. Most importantly, I would never forget the knowledge and skills I learned and every single moment with all of you in NIG and Prof. Ituro Inoue’s lab.