Aleksandr Korotaev

I dreamed about Japan since my high school and I could not even imagine that someday my dreams become true. After receiving a letter with “We are glad to invite you as a 6-week intern of this program” I was very happy and excited.

I joined Maeshima Lab - Biological Macromolecules Laboratory that works on organization of DNA in cell nucleus. This field of science was not familiar for me but I decided to choose this lab because I want to broaden my knowledge. I performed three small projects connected with microscopy visualization of chromatin and RNA polymerase II. Under the control of my supervisors I learnt new techniques, used modern microscopy equipment and remembered programming. New experience that I have got was really helpful for me and I finally realized that I want to do science and do it in place like National Institute of Genetics.

Apart from laboratory and experiments I also had little time for vacation and sightseeing with other intern students and my lab mates who helped me become familiar with Japanese food, history and life. I wish I had more time for lab experiments and traveling!

I would like to thank all people who helped me to take part in NIGINTERN 2017 and all Maeshima laboratory members for their help and patience. I hope they will remember me and someday I will be able to meet them again.

Japan is not an easy country, its culture and lifestyle need a lot of time for understanding. One reason is language, another is original history taking place on a small distant island. However, there is one certain thing I understood – Japan is unique country and someday I would like to return.