Huong Thi Thuy Ta

I think my journey started when I dicided to translate my academic transcript into English by myself because I registered late and didn’t have enough time to get English transcript from my university. My teacher also said that he sent his recommendation letter a bit late. So I didn’t expect anything and was surprised when I recieved acceptance email from NIG. I was lucky.

I remember when Ayako-san stopped her car, waved her hand through the car window and said “Good morning” on my third day in Japan. Japan could not be more friendly to me at that time.

Nonomura sensei was the cutest PI I have met, and also an extremely supportive one. My two supervisors were so caring. I learnt a lot during the time I studied in our lab. As my major at my home university is Microbiology, I had a hard start but thank to my supervisors and other lab members, I finally completed my project in NIG and I really enjoyed learning rice meiosis, rice development at our lab as plant genetics is always what I love to study, beside Microbiology.

I remember my first “Natto trial” on the last day I was in Japan, thanks to Liu-san, my Chinese supervisor who remembered I said that I wanted to try Natto on the first week, and Tsuda-san who mixed the Natto professionally. That was a fun last day.

I have experienced one of the most memorable times in my life in these 6 weeks. I conducted experiments that I had never done before. I learnt new things. I was treated as a member of this big family Experimental farm. Now when I think of their faces, I smile. They have definitely made my life better.

These 6 weeks also brought me new friends from all over the world, as well as the chance to visit other labs, meet up with the PIs and know about various research fileds in NIG.

I am grateful to my lab’s members as well as all member of NIGINTERN commitee who took care of us interns in every step of our journey.

I have had a wonderful time in Japan which I will remember till the end of my life.