Yu-Heng Hsieh

It is my pleasure to be accepted by the admission committee of NIGINTERN2017. I was extremely happy when I saw the result announcement from the NIG website then. Prof. Masato started to discuss the topic of my project with me before the internship, and I was so excited to work about AID system this summer.

Mishima, where NIG locates, is a city fit for habitation, and the weather, food and people here are so nice. Professor Kanemaki is truly an extraordinary scientist who always reminded me the key point of how to become a great scientist. The assistant professor Natsume is also an excellent mentor, who guided me to conduct my experiments and had some discussion with me whenever I got some results. Other lab members like Lotte and Venny are so kind, and I will never forget that impressive Friday night we had in the bar. Every Monday morning, I was looking forward to the journal club, which made me understand the latest discovery in my research area and learn the way to have a good presentation. I am blessed with having a chance to join Kanemaki’s lab!

In addition to lab’s experience, I learned a lot from different research areas during my lab visits. The Japanese class with Miyauchi-sensei is impressive. Through Miyauchi-sensei’s comprehensive teaching, I understood how to apply some advanced grammar in Japanese.

On my weekends, I have been to several amazing places in Japan such as Nikko, Hakone and Tokyo, where I enjoyed the breath-taking scenery and lots of sacred shrines. I also watched the goraikou (sunshine at dawn) on the summit of Mt. Fuji and the fireworks in Numazu with other interns. We became good friends during the internship and I could learn the different culture from them. For sure, this friendship will last forever.

All in all, I truly enjoyed these forty days in NIG. I hope I can visit NIG again in the future!