Developmental Biology IV

発生生物学 IV



Various developmental events, such as cell fate determination, cell differentiation, morphogenesis and animal behavior will be analyzed in light of gene expression, cell-cell interaction, intracellular signaling and evolution. Classes will be run by critical reading of the primary literature and discussion. It is essential that you have read the papers before coming to the class. Please download the papers from the links provided below.

This course will be run in Japanese. For students who do not speak Japanese, the course organizer will offer one-hour discussion session in English for each class. To schedule a discussion session, read the asigned paper and send an email to the course organizer, listing three issues/problems that you would like to discuss. The deadline for scheduling an appointment is 13:30 of the day of the class (Friday). Indicate the time of the day that does not suit you, during the period of Monday following the class to Friday of the next week. Developmental Biology II, to be offeref in the winter semester of 2007, will be run entirely in English.

Date/Time: Friday 13:30-15:10
Location: Library 2nd floor seminar room (B201)





Yumiko SAGA
Yasushi HIROMI

Segmentation clock
Palmeirim I, Henrique D, Ish-Horowicz D, Pourquie O. Avian hairy gene expression identifies a molecular clock linked to vertebrate segmentation and somitogenesis. Cell 91, 639-48, 1997.


Tsuyoshi KOIDE
Yasushi HIROMI

Cell-cell interaction and genetic pathway
Michailov GV, Sereda MW, Brinkmann BG, Fischer TM, Haug B, Birchmeier C, Role L, Lai C, Schwab MH, Nave K-A. Axonal neuregulin-1 regulates myelin sheath thickness. Science 304, 700-703, 2004.


Yasushi HIROMI
Yukihiro ITO

Axis formation
Friml J, Vieten A, Sauer M, Weijers D, Schwarz H, Hamann T, Offringa R, Jurgens G. Efflux-dependent auxin gradients establish the apical-basal axis of Arabidopsis. Nature 426, 147-53, 2003.


Noriyoshi SAKAI

Germ cell plasticity
Kanatsu-Shinohara M, Inoue K, Lee J, Yoshimoto M, Ogonuki N, Miki H, Baba S, Kato T, Kazuki Y, Toyokuni S, Toyoshima M, Niwa O, Oshimura M, Heike T, Nakahata T, Ishino F, Ogura A, Shinohara T. Generation of pluripotent stem cells from neonatal mouse testis. Cell 119, 1001-12, 2004.


Tatsumi HIRATA
Yasushi HIROMI

Role of neuronal activity in neural network formation
Constantine-Paton M, Law MI. Eye-specific termination bands in tecta of three-eyed frogs. Science 202, 639-41, 1978


Yasushi HIROMI

Organelle partitioning
Bokel C, Schwabedissen A, Entchev E, Renaud O, Gonzalez-Gaitan M. Sara endosomes and the maintenance of Dpp signaling levels across mitosis. Science 314, 1135, 2006.


Yasushi HIROMI

New technologies for developmental genetics
Fire A, Xu S, Montgomery MK, Kostas SA, Driver SE, Mello CC. Potent and specific genetic interference by double-stranded RNA in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature 391, 744-5, 1998.



Chromosome structure in gene regulation
Chambeyron S, Bickmore WA. Chromatin decondensation and nuclear reorganization of the HoxB locus upon induction of transcription. Genes Dev 18, 1119-30, 2004.

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