The extreme help from NIG Internship team starts even before landing Japan. The invaluable help provided by the NIG team can’t be framed into words. The day I entered the NIG I was greeted so cheerfully by my lab. Sawa sensei introduced me to the whole lab and to the work. Sawa sensei’s lab is doing one of the remarkable work in C.elegans development. Apart from the introduction to the organism, I got an interesting project which involved use of techniques like confocal imaging. The extreme help from all the lab members let me to develop the project and put my thought about it.

Apart from the wonderful time in lab, it was really a great experience to go for lab visits. The regular seminars and the colloquium give insight into other labs’ work. Not only the lab work is wonderful, my trip to Japan was one of the great experiences on its own. Japanese people are most warm people I have ever seen. They helped us at each level. Help from the Japanese classes by Miyouchi sensei was fun and informative.

It’s really difficult for me to put the whole experience in words. I have those really good memories with Sawa sensei, lab-mates, other fellow interns and with Pradeep and Neha that led to development of a cheerful environment for me to work. It will be my immense pleasure to come back and work in such a great environment where you get freedom of work.